Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why I'll Vote Conservative In November...

Probably not that many care. I've been a life long Republican, although I did register Democrat for a short time while living in North Carolina. Neither party, fully represents my personal views but the Republicans, for the most part, come a world closer than the Dems do. I get asked, "how can you be gay and a Christian"? or "how can you be gay and a Republican?" quite a bit actually. There seems to be an overwhelming opinion that all gays are Democrat, liberal, and anti-Christian. These are generalizations and they are all false.

The Democrat party has been almost totally taken over by leftwingnuts, Moveondotorg, socialism and some pretty bizarre groups. At least for my taste. The old southern Democrats are almost all gone and what they've been replaced with just don't identify with me. Now, I have to say that the Republican party isn't much better. We've been taken over by righwingnuts, mean spirited, biblical fundamentalists and just some overall mean and nasty people. I don't identify with them one bit either. Now I realize that these are both generalizations and I know that there are good, sincere, caring and kind folks in both parties. However, I don't believe the overwhelming socialistic policies of the Democrats can help us, in fact they will hurt us far more than the anti-gay policies of the Republicans.

I have wrestled with this decision, acting losing sleep over it. I don't want to vote for a group that is diabolically opposed to me and the gay community. I am a part of this group and I don't want to see harm come to us. I do know that a Republican victory will set back gay rights and gay marriage; for a time anyhow. However, I believe that the fiscal policies and the moving towards Socialism will do even more and longer lasting harm to all of us, including the gay community.

I see a trend starting within both the Evangelical Christian part of Christianity and also within the Republican party. More and more, young people are beginning to realize that we, are not their enemy and are moving towards a more kinder, gentler, affirming and accepting attitude towards us. While this may take time, I am encouraged by what I see.

Although I feel obliged by my own conscious to vote for a more fiscal conservative I will continue to do my part to fight for the GLBTQ community and pray that one day the Libertarians will become very popular.