Friday, August 14, 2009

New Incentive

Hey folks, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and my A1C was too high. He didn't yell at me, of course this is only our second visit with him. Actually he did something more motivational, I hope, than yelling. He said 1 word to me that perked up my ears. What's the word you ask? "Insulin"!
If I don't get my weight under control, it's in my near future. I don't want this, I can beat this, I can do this.
Now comes the time, where I have to do this more because I want to look better, or even feel better. Now, I am afraid it's becoming more of a live or die soon kind of thing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Leaving Homosexuality

What does that even mean? I opened my mail box today and the only thing in it was the monthly letter from Exodus International. I usually throw it away but I opened it this time to read the familiar ex-gay spin. Something Alan Chambers said in his letter jumped out at me; he stated that when he started out 18 years ago he envisioned his circumstances being much different than they are today. He imagined them erased and that he would be a typical heterosexual male(July 2009, Exodus monthly newsletter). That's what I expected too, as did most of the ex-gays that I am familiar with. It didn't happen, and it isn't going too.

So what changed, well definitions changed that's what. Heterosexuality was no longer the opposite of homosexuality, holiness was. How does that "theology" fit in to a group who says that they believe in a person's right to self determination. You have an impressionable gay teen who really wants to be acceptable to God, family and church; how does his ability to self determine stand up against such rhetoric? How about the Christian parents, totally devastated by the news that the son or daughter whom they love with all their being is gay or lesbian? They obviously turn to their spiritual leader who will look to CBN, Focus on the Family, or Exodus and this is the rhetoric that they get.

They will turn to Exodus in hopes of their child being "healed". They believe them at their words. "We left homosexuality behind", only to find out that what they have done is denied those attractions and desires. Sorry folks, denial is not healing. Getting married to a woman when you really want to marry your best man, is not healing.