Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Wins Massachusetts Senate

What does this mean? Well I think it does speak to how American's feel about certain directions the country has rapidly advanced toward in the last year. A president was elected that most of us didn't know. He wasn't vetted by the main stream news media at all; the only one who really took a hard look at him was the conservative media. If a quarter of the scrutiny given to Sarah Palin had been given to Barak Obama, John McCain would be our sitting president.

I am not going to rehash the months leading up to the election or since, but I do think that many Americans are seeing our president and certain leaders in our national government for the people they are and the true politics that they have. I am not opposed to health care reform and neither is the Republican party; however, we are against the government taking over the health care industry. You need only look to Canada to see how disastrous it is. Michael Moore can spin his "Sicko" all he wants but lets face it, he had an agenda!

I have talked with a number of Canadian citizens over the years and not one of them liked their health care system. Back in 2007, I believe it was, I had a conversation with a lady truck driver who was from Canada. She told me how she had fallen out of her truck and was hurt, went to the doctor, and was instructed that she needed an MRI. She told me that she had to come to the US and pay for it out of her own pocket because the waiting list for an MRI was 1 1/2 years. Can yo believe that!

Once again, I am not saying that our system is perfect or can't be made better; however, if socialized health care hasn't worked elsewhere, it won't work here! Do you really want to see what government run health care will be like, take a look at the Veteran's Administration Medical system. If you think it runs good, talk to a veteran who uses it. I don't hear many good things from them.

So I am off topic! Does anyone other me find it ironic that the home state to the senator who "championed" health care reform chose Scott Brown to replace him when he died. I think the American people have only began to speak, and come November they are going to scream!

I'll blog about that a little later but right now I've got to get ready for class.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Those Pesky Heterosexuals

Jason Anderson is a 20 year old currently in jail in West Virginia. Jason was indicted for murder in October of 2007, at the age of 18. Jason has been charged with killing his 11 month old child.

It seems that jail can't keep Jason from getting into trouble. He contacted West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin requesting a pardon. The fact that you must first be CONVICTED of a crime before the governor can actually pardon someone must not have been explained to him.

However, that isn't what has him in more hot water. It was the way that he requested his pardon. He informed the governor that if he didn't receive his pardon that he would have someone shoot him in the head and as if that wasn't enough he would also rape the governor's wife, daughter and family dog. Pity the poor dog! He also threatened to have a contract hit put out on President Obama.

I don't know who this speaks worse of, the good people of the state of West Virginia or those who identify as heterosexual.