Friday, August 14, 2009

New Incentive

Hey folks, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and my A1C was too high. He didn't yell at me, of course this is only our second visit with him. Actually he did something more motivational, I hope, than yelling. He said 1 word to me that perked up my ears. What's the word you ask? "Insulin"!
If I don't get my weight under control, it's in my near future. I don't want this, I can beat this, I can do this.
Now comes the time, where I have to do this more because I want to look better, or even feel better. Now, I am afraid it's becoming more of a live or die soon kind of thing.

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Rick Brentlinger said...

Hey David-

How's the battle going for you? Hope you're feeling well and getting the weight under control so you won't have to go on insulin.

Can you believe its already November? Stay well.