Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Those Pesky Heterosexuals

Jason Anderson is a 20 year old currently in jail in West Virginia. Jason was indicted for murder in October of 2007, at the age of 18. Jason has been charged with killing his 11 month old child.

It seems that jail can't keep Jason from getting into trouble. He contacted West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin requesting a pardon. The fact that you must first be CONVICTED of a crime before the governor can actually pardon someone must not have been explained to him.

However, that isn't what has him in more hot water. It was the way that he requested his pardon. He informed the governor that if he didn't receive his pardon that he would have someone shoot him in the head and as if that wasn't enough he would also rape the governor's wife, daughter and family dog. Pity the poor dog! He also threatened to have a contract hit put out on President Obama.

I don't know who this speaks worse of, the good people of the state of West Virginia or those who identify as heterosexual.

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Lloyd said...

I am praying for you. God bless, Lloyd